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Class Form​Configuration.​Date​Input​Configuration

public class DateInputConfiguration  

Member Of


A type to configure a FormViewController.



public init(title: String?, subtitle: String?, placeholder: String,
                selectedDate: Date?, dateFormat: String = "MM/dd/yyyy", datePickerConfiguration: DatePickerConfiguration,
                helper: String?, key: FormItem.Key,
                isOptionalField: Bool = false)  

Creates a new DateInputConfiguration


title String?

The title to apply to the field

subtitle String?

The subtitle to apply to the field

placeholder String

The placeholder to apply to the field

selected​Date Date?

The currently selected date for this field if there is one, otherwise nil

date​Format String

The date format to use in the field when a date is selected; defaults to MM/dd/yyyy

date​Picker​Configuration Date​Picker​Configuration

The DatePickerConfiguration object used to configure the date picker

helper String?

The helper text to apply to the field

key Form​Item.​Key

A unique key for this field

is​Optional​Field Bool

true if the field is optional; defaults to false